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A.  These positions are weekly and volunteer

                     [See job descriptions below]

    1.  Assistant cook - 2 needed per week-adults only

    2.  Dining Room Crew - High school or older

   3.  Summer Support Staff (SSS) - High school 

   4. ** Cabin Leader - must have finished Jr Year in HS

           and completed SaLT

B.  Kitchen day help from 9:00 to 2:00

C.  These positions are for all summer

    1. **Cabin Leader- must have finished Jr Year in HS

    2. **Administrative Assistant



**Requires an application

             if you are interested in any of these positions.


                     Qualifications for service at VCBC

            *Knows Jesus as Savior and sees service as a ministry to the Lord, NOT a job

            *Willing to work hard

            *Able to see needs without having to be told

            *Able to work well as part of a team

                                 Assistant Cook 

             *Responsible to Head Cook


                        ^Assist the head cook as needed

                        ^6:45AM attend staff devotions - you may dismiss yourself when needed

                        ^Watch the food line at each meal to keep it filled

                        ^Care and cleanliness of the kitchen.

                        ^Keep dishes washed

                        ^Get some rest in the afternoon

                        ^7:15PM attend chapel

                        ^Help with snack or make sure cook’s helpers know what to serve

Dining Room Crew

Will set tables, wash dishes, dish up desserts, run the candy store in the afternoon, help with evening snack., or do any odd jobs that the cook needs done.


Summer Support Staff (SSS)

Will assist the cooks and directors as needed.  This includes taking pictures for power point, cleaning bathrooms, taking down flags at night, washing kitchen floor, taking out trash, possibly listening to memory work, assisting with crafts and any other odd jobs that need to be done. 




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