Print your application and send to Ken Toews



All positions are volunteer.

However a program to raise support is available for those serving as cabin leaders for the entire summer. 

(see last two pages of Application for Cabin Leader

 for more details)




Special Cost Savings Available for SaLT campers.

Later this summer serve ONE week as kitchen help or SSS or cabin leader and attend SaLT for half price.

Later this summer serve TWO or more weeks as kitchen help or SSS or cabin leader and attend SaLT for free.

Summer missionaries will attend SaLT for free and do not need to fill out the SaLT application.


Other Camp Staff Opportunites to Serve

 1. Kitchen help   2. Summer Support Staff (SSS)


  You do NOT need to fill out an application to serve in these positions,

however, you must be in High School or older.

We highly recommend that High School campers attend SaLT to get the training needed

to work in either position, but it's NOT mandatory. 

Contact Ken Toews, camp director, if you are interested in these positions.


Kitchen help will set tables, wash dishes, dish up desserts, run the candy store in the afternoon, help with evening snack., or do any odd jobs that the cook needs done.


Summer Support Staff (SSS) will assist the cooks and directors as needed.  This includes taking pictures for power point, cleaning bathrooms, taking down flags at night, washing kitchen floor, taking out trash, possibly listening to memory work, assisting with crafts and any other odd jobs that need to be done. 


Heads Up - Staff serving in these capacities will not be following the regular camper schedule, or be included in camper activities unless special permission is granted.




Applications for Summer Service