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imagine CAMP


The name of camp this summer is imagine Camp... because that's all we can do... is imagine what it could have/should have been.  Let's imagine Camp!

# Imagine the wake up bell ringing ... and your toes landing on a cold cement floor.

# Imagine running to the showers before they are full 

# Imagine saying the pledges while your stomach is growling for bacon & pancakes

# Imagine your team being called up to clean up the breakfast dishes... ugh!

# Imagine cleaning your cabin, hoping your group wins so you can go first for lunch

# Imagine devos with your cabin leader as you study God's Word together

# Imagine missions with Ken and Karen telling about a Godly hero to a foreign land

# Imagine memorizing as many verses as possible in 1/2 hour

# Imagine being in the camp store with at least another dozen at the same time. 

# Imagine your cabin leader doing a "one-on one" with you to share the Gospel 

New Each Monday

Come on over to this camp website for activities, lessons, songs, missions, etc. 

Each week the activities will change.  

Week 1

Week 2

Click on the button for your grade level.

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