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imagine CAMP


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The name of camp this summer is imagine Camp... because that's all we can do... is imagine what it could have/should have been.  Let's imagine Camp!

# Imagine the wake up bell ringing ... and your toes landing on a cold cement floor.

# Imagine running to the showers before they are full 

# Imagine saying the pledges while your stomach is growling for bacon & pancakes

# Imagine your team being called up to clean up the breakfast dishes... ugh!

# Imagine cleaning your cabin, hoping your group wins so you can go first for lunch

# Imagine devos with your cabin leader as you study God's Word together

# Imagine missions with Ken and Karen telling about a Godly hero to a foreign land

# Imagine memorizing as many verses as possible in 1/2 hour

# Imagine being in the camp store with at least another dozen at the same time. 

# Imagine your cabin leader doing a "one-on one" with you to share the Gospel 

# Imagine hearing a Bible lesson from the camp speaker

# Imagine Taco Tuesday... enough said.  Oh wait, get in two lines

# Imagine FOB--notes, staying on your bunk, hearing all types of body noises

# Imagine getting into a swim suit that is impossible to get on due to sweat

# Imagine a cool drink and a sweet treat while sitting with your friends

# Imagine a bus ride to Pierre, singing your lungs out

# Imagine jumping in the pool with all your friends and having a blast

# Imagine the ride home, when everyone is soooo tired

# Imagine the aroma for pizza coming from the dining hall

# Imagine the chapel sing time and the speaker, opening God's Word

# Imagine Monday announcements by Ken for the 10th time

Now that you have "imagined Camp, click below onto your age level and join us for some great devos, actitivies, missions, and songs.

New activities are added each Monday.. All activities are able to be accessed at any time. 

Click on the button for your grade level.

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