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1st - 4th Graders

Hello campers!  We are so sorry that you won't be able to attend camp this summer.  We are all feeling badly about it.  So we wanted to give you some things to do this summer that will remind you of camp.  Every Monday, come over to this page and there will be different things for you to listen to, and an activity to do.  We can't wait to hear back from you as to what you are enjoying.


Bible Lesson

Sing -a-long-Songs

The Wordless Book is a timeless story that the Primary campers hear every year.  It will also be a good review for the older children.  

When you are done listening, we want to hear from you what the 5 colors are.  Just hit SEND and write us a quick email, telling us the 5 colors. 

Time for Devo's


 Make a play dough recipe. 

After you have the play dough made, go to the directions on the page and you will be making a scene of your favorite place on the campgrounds.  

Take a picture of what you made and send it to the camp email so your camp friends can see what you made.  


Click here for recipe and instructions

This website offers lots of options and activities for those wanting to learn more about the wordless book

Do you think this summer is going to be boring?  How about we challenge ourselves to make a summer bucket list for yourself of things you would like to do for the next 2 months.  Make your list, turn it in to Karen and start working on it.  At the end of 2 months, she will check back with you to see how much you got done.  Categories could include: Physical things you want to do,  running so far each day, learn some new swimming moves, places you'd like to go, like to the fishing hole or camping outside, things you'd like to make, books you want to read, reading certain parts in the Bible, spending so many minutes in prayer in a week, help mom cook up some yummy meals, baking, and you get as creative as you want. 

This could be fun!  Spend a day making your list before you send it to Karen so you've had time to think through what you really want to get done this summer, and email me your bucket list.  

Summer Bucket List


The fascinating story of Gladys Alyward is featured this week.  One of our newer camp cabins called is Aylward Abode.  You will love her story! She is responsible for moving over 100 children to safety in China during a war.  Everyone is tired and hungry.  Watch the youtube movie below to see how the Lord does a miracle for Gladys and this group of children.  

Click on this button and you will find an amazing amount of stories and  devo's to read or listen to, as well as music.

1) Listen Live 24/7

2) Listen on Demand

   a.  Keys for Kids devotional

   b.  Down Gilead Lane

   c.  Red Rock Mysteries

   d.  The Pond

   e.  Paws and Tales

   f.  Kid's Corner

   g.  Wee Kids

   h.  Karen's kids

We would love to hear from you as to which one is your favorite.  Just click here to email us your favorite choice. 


Click onto Becca's picture and join her as she helps us understand what "The Gospel" really is.  She has a 7 part series that she will be sharing.  Don't miss out today on part one about the Bad News, and then the Good News. 

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