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5th - 8th Graders

Hello campers!  We are so sorry that you won't be able to attend camp this summer.  We are all feeling badly about it.  So we wanted to give you some things to do this summer that will remind you of camp.  Every Monday, come over to this page and there will be different things for you to listen to, and an activity to do.  We can't wait to hear back from you as to what you are enjoying.

Devotions by Cabin leaders


Get your Bible and click onto the cabin leader picture to hear a devo.  Austin is speaking on Matthew 5: 42-27 

Michaela is sharing about God's attribute of Love.  She will start with John 3:16  


The fascinating story of Gladys Alyward is featured this week.  One of our newer camp cabins called is Aylward Abode.  You will love her story! She is responsible for moving over 100 children to safety in China during a war.  Everyone is tired and hungry.  Watch the youtube movie below to see how the Lord does a miracle for Gladys and this group of children.  

Sing -a-long-Songs


Enjoy an evening making smores with your family.  There are several ways to make them.  Then learn this song together with your family.  

The S’more Song

 (Tune: On Top of Old Smokey)

On top of my cracker, So yummy and sweet, I’ll put on some chocolate, To make a good treat.

Then comes the marshmallow, So sticky and soft, And then one more cracker, So it won’t fall off.

I put it together So gently I press, If I squeeze it too hard, It will make a big mess.

 I’m ready to eat it, This thing called a s’more, Oh my, It’s so yummy, I think I’ll have some more!

Click on this button to take a virtual tour of the campgrounds and surrounding hills.  It's pretty cool!

Summer Bucket List

Starting today, the challenge is to make a summer bucket list for yourself for the next 2 months.  Make your list, turn it in to Karen and start working on it.  At the end of 2 months, she will check back with you to see how much you got done.  Categories could include: Physical things you want to do, working out so many minutes each day, running so far, places you'd like to go, things you'd like to make, books you want to read, people you'd like to contact, spiritual goals, such as reading certain books in the Bible, spending so many minutes in prayer in a week, getting involved in a Bible Study, cooking up some yummy meals, baking, and you get as creative as you want. 

This could be fun!  Spend a day making your list before you send it to Karen so you've had time to think through what you really want to get done this summer, and email me your bucket list.  

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