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Week 7

This is the last week of Imagine Camp.  We hope that you enjoyed it and also learned more about the Bible and about Jesus and God.  The site will be kept on this webpage for a while yet, so you can go back and keep working through the different activities this summer.  We would love for you to leave us a comment as to what you enjoyed the most about "Imagine Camp."

Austin's Last Week

Listen to find out why he's wearing a hat and a bathrobe for his last session.  Some of your probably know the answer already. 

Michaela's Last Week

She shares a very interesting story of how justice works and what it means.  You might be surprised by how she explains this attribute of God.  Be sure to listen to this one. 

Adoniram & Ann Judson

Missionaries to Burma

This is a fascinating story of a couple that was determined to spread the Gospel, even if it would cost them their lives.  This 30 minute video is a must see!

Burma map.png

Is there someone that would like to do a study on Burma and why the name has been changed?  Any other interesting facts would be apprecaited as well.  Send your research to Karen. 


Since this is the last week of Imagine Camp, please go back through the other weeks and listen to your favorites.  Or listen to all the music again.  Reply here as to which was your favorite song. 

Bugs in the Bible?  Yucky!

bugs in the bible.jpg

Challenge Yourself to this Kind of Bible Study

Click on the page and print off.  This is a fun way to study scripture.


Noah's Ark and the Flood

If you think the Bible story of Noah's Ark is just a fun kid's story.  You are quite wrong.  Watch this amazing 10 minute video. The words come straight from the Bible.  

Has the Real Ark been Found?

This amazing update of the ark was just put on YouTube a few days ago. July 8, 2020. If you are interested in what's taking place right now with finding the real ark, you will want to watch this.  

Click onto this awesome coloring page.  Hang it up as a poster. 

Noah's ark coloring page.jpg

Click onto the page to print  the real deal.


This coloring poster will keep you busy.  Keep it in your Bible.

Bible divisions.jpg

Decorate these posters

4 bible verses.jpg
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