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Arrival and Check-In Procedures

Cabin Procedures

  • Registration is in the dining hall.  Please leave your luggage outside.

  • Have your medications and bank money with you at check-in.

  • Both the camper and the parent (or whoever brought the camper) needs to go through the registration line.

  • Be ready to indicate to whom we should release the camper at the end of the week.  We need a name on the sign out sheet.

  • If you brought a food donation, bring it when you register and give to kitchen staff

  • Camp T-shirts, Bibles, water bottles and backpacks will be for sale during check-in.










How are cabin bunk mates assigned?


We do our best to match friends together as  requested on the camper registration form.  However, space does not allow us to guarantee requests.  We strive to honor group requests for up to 3 campers from one area.  However, groups of 4 or more are often divided.


How many sleep in each cabin?


There are beds and mattresses provided for 8 campers and one cabin leader in each cabin.  Four sets of metal bunk beds are equipped with top guard rails for safety.


Are bunks assigned?


No.  Bunks are available on a first come basis.  A cabin leader will be available to assist you.


Are the bathrooms in the cabins?


Our bath house is centrally located on the camp grounds.  We have flush stools, and hot & cold running water for sinks and showers.  A flashlight may be needed for night trips.

Waiting List Procedures

NOTE: If you know your child can’t come to camp and they are pre-registered, please call the camp, so we can allow someone on the waiting list to attend.

**If your session is full, you may sign up for the waiting list. 

**If a spot on the waiting list opens, you will receive an email notification and have 24 hours to respond, before it contacts the next person on the list. 

**Your name will remain on the list, but goes to the bottom.  



We take homesickness very seriously. We have staff prepared to handle such needs. However, over the years we have learned that you as parents play a very large role in it’s prevention.

**Homesickness is usually avoidable if signs are caught early. Emphasize to your camper your desire for them to complete the week.

**Once a camper’s parents/guardians are not the focus, other activities and friends fill the void.

**Parents/guardians are usually more worried about leaving their campers then vice versa.

**Please do not promise your camper they can call home if they become homesick.  If you feel homesickness may be a problem, please contact the directors.


If a homesickness problem continues, we will contact the parents/guardians.

Money Procedures

How does the ‘camp bank’ work?


At registration time, all camper spending money is to be deposited into the ‘camp bank.’  As your child spends money for offerings or camp store, a running balance is kept.  Any unused balance will be refunded in an envelope on the last day.



How much money does my camper need?

Pop and candy are included in the camper fee.  There is no spending limit at the camp store.

Except for Primary camp, two offerings will be taken, one for the speaker and one for the missionary or missions project.


What do you sell in the camp store?


The camp store sells many Christian gift items, toys, books, Bibles and jewelry.  Water bottles, T-shirts, pens and  coffee mugs display the camp logo.


Are your cabin leaders paid?


All our cabin leaders are volunteers and are serving without pay.  However, by their decision, they may chose to raise support as a summer missionary.  Any contributions given to them would be gratefully appreciated.

Departure Procedures

  • Parents and friends are encouraged to attend the final program in the dining hall where the campers will sing, receive their Bible verse awards and watch a hi-lites movie. (No program for Primary Camp)

  • Campers may be signed out after the program, which lasts about 30 minutes.

  • Parents will be required to sign your child out with their cabin leader. We will not release a camper to anyone other than the person designated at check-in.

  • We discourage early dismissals, but if it is necessary for you to pick up your child early, you must fill out a form at registration with the details.. Please ask for this form.

  • The camp/candy store will be open during check-out.

How to Thank the Cabin Leader

  • Verbally tell them.  Remember, they are volunteers working very hard to serve.

  • Write them a thank-you note.

  • Consider giving a financial gift to offset their willingness to forgo a summer job.

How to Help my Child Adjust After Camp

Be aware of pick-up time and be prompt.  Your camper may not feel ready to go home, and may be over tired, so allow some extra time for rest.  Ask questions, but don’t pry.  Listen with love.  Greet their cabin leader, pick up their belongings, and any medications.  Consider making them a special meal or “welcome home” sign.

Should I send My Special needs child to camp?

Our directors and cabin leaders generally do not have the special skills needed to work with seriously troubled, mentally handicapped, or other special needs children.  In rare instances, exceptions will be made on a a case by case basis, but only after we consult with the parents and the child's doctors.  Please do not register a special needs child to any session without first speaking with the Director.  

To send a special needs child to this camp generally results in a less than successful experience for  the child.

Social Media and Photo Policy



Purpose for this Policy

The purpose for a social media/photo policy is to provide structure and boundaries for after camp contact between campers and camp cabin leaders/staff. After summer camps are over, a social media policy for a Bible camp is pulled between two tensions, both of which have merit and value, but which often are at odds with each other.


Tension #1.  The opportunity for the relationships developed between cabin leaders and the campers under their care to continue after camp.  Reversely, cabin leaders also benefit and receive encouragement from hearing how campers are applying their Christian faith to their lives.


Tension #2.  Nationally, stories have been told of how assumed boundaries were crossed in such relationships. Further, parents may wish to know what is being communicated to their child from someone they actually know very little about.


Factors that cause additional concerns AFTER camps are over

#1.  Camp staff are no longer supervised and monitored by camp procedures and policy. 

#2.  Camp is therefore no longer responsible for the camp staff and their actions when the season ends.

#3.  We cannot count on campers to notify their parents what is being communicated. 

#4.  Therefore, the need to monitor camper – camp staff contact needs to fall on the parents, not the camp.  Parent’s need to understand their roll in this.


Therefore, the following social media/photo policy has been implemented by VCBC.

#1.  Contact between campers and staff is to never be initiated by the camp staff, except for;

  1. An after-camp letter from their cabin leader

  2. A birthday or Christmas card


#2.  Contact that crosses male-female boundaries are not allowed.


#3.  Contact in a non-official capacity must always be initiated by the camper. 

If this occurs, the cabin leader/camp staff member must FIRST contact the parent[s] and receive permission from them before they respond.  It should be communicated that if possible a record of all emails, letters, etc will be kept as a safeguard for both parties.  If at any time either party begins to have misgivings about the contact, either party can break off the communication at any time. 


  Photo Policy 

Camp staff are to never post any pics of campers on line.  Parents have not given permission for staff to do so.  If a staff member or parent has a memorable pic or video, send it to the camp directors to review and we will distribute it if is deemed appropriate.

Camper Contact Procedures During Camp



Camp does not have visiting periods for friends and relatives.  For security purposes, please contact the camp office if you need to visit your child.




Drop off—Save postage! We will have a box at registration where you can drop off letter-size mail. Please indicate which day you would like it given to your camper.


Snail-mail—Camper’s Name

         Victory Center Bible Camp

         28339 Bad River Road

         Ft. Pierre, SD  57532


E-mail—Please do not send e-mails to your camper. Campers do not have access to a computer and our office staff are busy with other matters.  Thanks!


We encourage you to write your campers!  They love mail.  Keep in mind camp ending date. Emphasize that you are excited to have them at camp, and are proud of them and what they are learning.  Please do not mention what they are missing at home.  Homesickness tends to creep up very quickly.


Can I call my child during the week?

The camp phone is for camp business and emergencies only.  Please do not call and ask to speak to your camper for any other reason.  We reserve the right to screen calls and take messages.  If you have concerns about your child, we will gladly discuss them with you.  


Can campers call home?

The camp phone is for camp business and emergencies only.  Please do not promise your camper they can call home whenever they wish!!!  


Cell Phone Policy

  • To maximize camper involvement and reduce distractions, we ask that cell phones be left at home.

  • If they must be brought to camp, we ask that they be turned into the camp office.  Arrangements will be worked out on an individual basis.

  • Cell phones found in camper’s possession will be held in the camp office and returned at the end of the camp session.

  • The camp land line phone is available for emergencies.  

  • The camp phone number is 605-223-2980

Camper Medications and Sickness Procedures

What if my child needs prescription drugs during camp?


For your child’s safety and that of all others at camp, all prescription medications must be turned into the camp office at registration.  Please note the following!


Send only as much of each medication as your child will need for the week, in the original prescription container.

Please write out on a separate sheet of paper all needed instructions such as:


  1. How often, when, and how much. (We dispense meds at all three meals and   bedtime snack)

  2. Sign & date the instruction sheet.


Place all original bottles and instructions in one zip lock bag with camper’s name on it.


Our camp medicine cabinet stocks the following;  chewable & regular Tylenol, Ibuprofen, band aids, etc.  Therefore, you need not bring them.  We will dispense these as needed to your child as granted or denied permission by you on their registration form.  


If your child must take vitamins, please send only as many as are needed for the week and explain to your camper how they are to be taken.  We will not dispense vitamins.  They will be kept with your child in the cabin.




  • Please be aware that any sickness brought to camp can easily spread.

  • With that in mind, we ask that you keep sick kids home. 

  • Ask yourself this question...  “Would I appreciate my child bunking next to a sick camper?”

  • If you are questioning what to do, please call your doctor to find out if you should bring your child to camp.

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