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From your directors, Ken and Karen

When you heard the news that camp was cancelled for the summer, what went through your mind?  We'd love to hear your thoughts..

We were devastated to hear the final word from the camp board that the decision was to suspend camp but we also knew that we wouldn't be able to follow all the guidelines in order to keep all our campers and staff safe through this world wide pandemic.  Many, many other camps across the nation have also closed their doors this summer, we aren't the only ones, but this is YOUR camp and YOUR camp is the one that's closed.  We hope to bring you together through this website during the summer months and still get together through social media.  I have some ideas that hopefully will work out for us to get together.  

Why am I so sad?

Woman on Window Sill

Since we have suspended camp at Victory Center Bible Camp this summer, due to Covid 19, we still want to interact with you as campers.  (and staff)

Much of what you are going to miss this summer by not being at camp will be :

1) Face - to- fact contact--with friends you haven't seen for a year.

2) Physical contact--we are humans and all need hugs, and high fives, pats on backs, braid each other's hair, etc.

3) The vibe and culture of camp that really can't be explained on paper

4) Awesome food, Taco Tuesday, homemade pizza, to name a few delights.

5) Rainy days at camp... Can we go up the hill yet?

6)  Bus ride to town for swimming and the LOUD songs

7)  Canteen on a 105 degree day.  Yep, the chocolate candy bar was NOT a good choice.

8) Your favorite staff

9) Inside jokes
10) Being goofy with silly games in a safe environment

11) The deep sense of comfort of a daily routine and schedule

12) Devos, Missions, Class, Chapel, Singing new songs, (and old ones)



Missions obviously won't be the same as sitting in chapel listening to Ken or Karen sharing the life and times of the chosen missionary for the summer. 

So, the next best thing is to show you youtube videos of various missionaries and let you learn about a variety of missionaries this summer.  

This first one is Gladys Alyward, which is from Alyward Abode, one of our newer named girl's cabins.  I know this story is in cartoon form but it is a fascinating story of a single gal missionary in China who helped rescue over 100 children during a war by walking them to another part of the country.  Watch to see how God's hand was in this rescue. 


Would you be interested in getting together on Zoom sometime this week?  Please let me know  by sending me your email and your intent to want to get together. Karen will set up a link to send to you, but you'll have to let me know your email address.   

Hopefully we can get some cabin leaders to join our zoom meeting.


zoom anyone?


Devos for Teens

Starting today, the challenge is to make a summer bucket list for yourself for the next 2 months.  Make your list, turn it in to Karen and start working on it.  At the end of 2 months, she will check back with you to see how much you got done.  Categories could include: Physical things you want to do, working out so many minutes each day, running so far, places you'd like to go, things you'd like to make, books you want to read, people you'd like to contact, spiritual goals, such as reading certain books in the Bible, spending so many minutes in prayer in a week, getting involved in a Bible Study, cooking up some yummy meals, baking, and you get as creative as you want. 

This could be fun!  Spend a day making your list before you send it to Karen so you've had time to think through what you really want to get done this summer, and email me your bucket list.  

congrats!  camp Seniors


summer bucket list

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