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Week 7

This is the last week of "Imagine Camp."  We hope that you enjoyed it and also learned more about the Bible and about Jesus and God.  The site will be kept on this webpage for a while yet, so you can go back and keep working through the different activities this summer.  We would love for you to leave us a comment as to what you enjoyed the most about "Imagine Camp."

Michaela's Last Week

She shares a very interesting story of how justice works and what it means.  You might be surprised by how she explains this attribute of God.  Be sure to listen to this one. 

Austin's Last Devo

Listen to find out why he's wearing a hat and a bathrobe for his last session.  Some of your probably know the answer already. 

Noah's Ark and the Flood

If you think the Bible story of Noah's Ark is just a fun kid's story, You are quite wrong.  Watch this amazing 10 minute video. The words come straight from the Bible.  

Has the Real Ark been Found?

This amazing update of the ark was just put on YouTube a few days ago. July 8, 2020. If you are interested in what's taking place right now with finding the real ark, you will want to watch this.  

What was God Doing?

A Bible study on the Flood

This Bible study considers the faith of Noah and teaches us truths about God’s character.

 When water enters our world in large amounts it tends to be a problem for most people.  We try to control the water in our world with on and off switches, but sometimes we can see very clearly that God controls water. How many of you have ever lived through heavy rains or
flooding? Has your basement, home or crawl space ever been flooded? What happens when it floods?

Today, we are looking at the story of Noah.

Read: Genesis 6:1-22.

  • Why did God regret making man and want to destroy His creation? (the people of earth were evil in God’s eyes)

  • Why was Noah chosen to build the ark? What do we know about Noah from the text? (he found favor with God, he was a righteous man, he walked with God)

  • What are God’s specific instructions to Noah? (v. 14-21) 

  • What was Noah’s response to God’s instructions? (v.22 he did all God commanded)

 God was very specific in the man He chose to accomplish His task. What do you think could have been going through Noah’s head? What do we learn about Noah’s personality and character in verse 22

Read: Genesis 7:1-24.

 Let’s think about the power of water for a minute. Water can be a very dangerous natural element in our world. Consider the damage that can be done by just one inch of water or one foot of water, or more. , we are trying to control water or keep ourselves safe from water (faucets can be turned on or off, life jackets, rafts, boats to keep us floating, learning to swim).

  • In verse 16, we read that Noah and his family followed God’s command and “the Lord shut him in.” What do you think that would have sounded and felt like? What sort of other sounds do you think Noah and his family heard? (loud seal being place on ark, all the animals making noise, the sounds of other people banging on ark in mockery or to be saved, the ark could have shaken from the seal)

  • Has anyone ever been on a cruise ship? What was it like the first time you boarded the huge ship? Did you have doubts it would float?

  • What is the longest stretch of time that you have seen it rain? How does it make you feel to have multiple rainy days in a row?

Read: Genesis 8:1-21, 9:8-16.

  • If you have learned about this story before, is this how you remember it or did it seem like a happier story?

  • There is a lot of death in this story and God really comes down hard on His people. Why did God choose to destroy the people he created?

  • How does God show His grace and mercy in the story of Noah?

  • How does God remind His people how much He loves them in the story of Noah?

  • How do you think the story of Noah points to Jesus?


The story of Noah is not a happy children’s story like it is often remembered. We see God’s wrath for the people He created. We also learn a lot about God through this story. What character qualities do we learn about God through His crazy request of Noah?

We learn that God is ultimately in control of everything on this earth. How does that make you feel?

The story of Noah may be a serious story; however, we see God’s grace and mercy throughout Noah’s life. As we look at our own lives, we can be thankful that we have a grace-filled God, who loves His people.

Close with prayer.

 Father God, thank You for the story of Noah and the life that You gave him and his family. We know that we continually disappoint You through our sins, but we thank You that our story does not end. Thank You for the gift of forgiveness You give to us each day through your Son, Jesus Christ. It is in His name we pray, Amen.


Please consider serving the Lord with a short term missions trip.  This 3 minute video will  give you some encouragement and helps to get you started on this journey.

The very first command God gave us was to take care of His creation.  How are we doing?  Check out this 2 minute video.

In Mexico 8 million children  don't do anything..they don't go to school and they don't work.  That in itself makes this ranch a very important ministry. 

Horses, and more Horses


So now we have your interest tweaked and you might be interested in a short missions trip.  Why not go to Mexico and help out on this ranch with horses, crafts, helping teach a Bible Study, and so many other options.  

What an opportunity for those of you who know something about taking care of horses and also want to help spread the Gospel.  Check out this ministry in this 10 minute video.  (Some of you know our son, Kameron.  He shot all the raw footage  and edited this video for TEAM.   He actually got to visit this ranch)  


Since this is the last week of Imagine Camp, please go back through the other weeks and listen to your favorites.  Or listen to all the music again.  Reply here as to which was your favorite song. 

Challenge Yourself to this Kind of Bible Study

Click on the page and print off.  This is a fun way to study scripture.


This coloring poster will keep you busy.  Keep it in your Bible.

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Bugs in the Bible?  Yucky!

bugs in the bible.jpg

Decorate these posters

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