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Victory Center Bible Camp is a non denominational, evangelical Bible camp.  We teach the Bible without apology or reservation, it is the Word of God.  Because of this we encourage and challenge campers to both memorize Scripture and spend time in His Word through specific intentional activities scattered throughout the day. 


Victory Center Bible Camp exists to provide each camper the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, emphasizing that each camper will receive one on one time with their cabin leader to discuss their personal relationship with the Lord.


Our desire is to encourage our campers to further develop a commitment to love and serve Jesus Christ. Our Bible centered camp program takes them out of their normal environment full of distractions and places them in a community that will expose them to the rewards of Godly living and challenge them to further spiritual growth and service.


VCBC is a ministry built upon relationships between campers, campers and staff but most importantly between campers and the Lord.  Our cabin leaders are trained and committed to accomplishing these goals. Please pray for us.


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