Servant and Leadership Training

Camp Information


What is SaLT?

*This is a specialized camp to train young adults to serve as cabin leaders for

Victory Center Bible Camp.



*Discover how being a cabin leader is learning to be a servant.  Experience first hand the joy that comes from serving others.  


Criteria for Selection

1.  Personal testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and evidence of commitment to Him in your daily life.

2.  Participation in Christian activities aimed at personal spiritual growth.

3.  Finished 9th –12th grade

4.  Fill out application

5.  Agree to a two week commitment


        Week One--  

Must attend Teen Camp in the same year as you are applying.

        Week Two--

 Attend SaLT training followed by serving as Primary Camp Staff.


*Anyone who meets the above criteria is eligible to apply.  

  HOWEVER, we  reserve the right to accept or reject any applicant.




Cost of Teen camp $115  + $115 more for SaLT

IF you can also come as SSS (support staff)/and or kitchen help for any other week, then the SaLT price is cut in half.

IF you can come two weeks as SSS or kitchen help, then SaLT will be FREE.

Those serving as summer missionaries with VCBC attend SaLT FREE.


You will pay for both Teen and SaLT up front, and at the end of the summer we will reimburse you if you were able to serve on our team during the summer.



What will we do at SaLT training?

*Servant Leadership sessions

*Make and cook your own hobo stew over a campfire.

*Training classes learning the responsibilities of a cabin leader.

*Cooperation games - learn how to function as a team.

*Work groups - [bring "grubby" clothes for paint, etc.]

*Time is built into the SaLT schedule for rest, fun, laundry [we provide everything] and a trip to town for you to purchase additional supplies.



What will we do at Primary Camp?

Put your training to practice and serve as cabin leaders for the

Primary campers. 

The staff to camper ratio is usually 1 to 3.

Cabin leaders are 'buddied up' with at least two or more per cabin. 

There are many opportunities to share with these young campers.




How to Apply  

   1.  Download SaLT application from camp website.

2.  Fill out SaLT application and send in with payment before May 1.

3. Wait to be accepted.  Confirmations will be sent before May 15th.



"Whoever wants to be first must be your slave - -

 just as the Son of Man did not come to be served

but to serve, and give His life."  Matthew 20:27-28